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Beware of Your Back Pain

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Beware of your back pain
Beware of your back pain

Why do we have Back Pain?

Care your back
Back Pain

In today’s busy and hectic lifestyle backache or back pain has emerged as one of the major health problems where when people rarely care about their back while they are sitting, walking, and doing other daily routine work.

Lots of office work today are done while sitting in the same position for hours. When we come home from the office, extremely tired, we again use the wrong positions while sitting or retiring on the couch.

In our old lifestyle, there were many activities in our daily routine which are very important for our health. All these activities have been replaced by new lifestyles and routine work which are not so healthy. This resulted in an increased number of backache or back pain victims.

If we want to remain active in our daily activities and want to avoid backache, we have to adopt some habits for the health of our backs. These habits or tips are easy to adopt but the advantages can be many folds.

Tips to avoid backache/back pain:

1. Right your posture:

S-Shape Backbone Right Your Posture
S-Shape Backbone Right Your Posture

It’s the first need. Nature has made our body structure to sit, stand and walk in a special way. When you walk straight, you not only look smart, attractive, and taller but your respiratory process will also be enhanced. Your muscles also get tightened and this will lessen the possibility of pain in your back, neck, and waist.

It is ordinary for elderly people to walk forward but many younger people can find who is used to walking loose or down shoulders and walk leaning forward. In contrast to this, people who care about their postures manage to walk straight even at the age of 80 and above.

This shows their high inclination to keep their back healthy and pain-free. Good posture not only avoids backache/back pain but also reflects a good personality. Loose shoulders show poor and helpless personalities and the right posture shows a confident personality. So walk tall and straight.

2. Keep on exercising:

To avoid backache/back pain keep on with your body activities. Make the best possible schedule for the regular exercise regime besides your busy routine.

Do yoga, swim, and/or play some outdoor games. In addition to that, don’t forget to take a balanced and nutritious diet. It completely depends on you to not let the pain come to your back. Remember, if you care about your back good health will never make a distance from you.

3. Check your sitting position:

Right Your Posture - Keep S-Shape Backbone
Right Your Posture – Keep S-Shape Backbone

You have seen in diagrams and figures of the backbone, that it is in the shape of the letter ‘S’(as seen in the picture of the backbone here), it’s the natural shape of our backbone. We less often mind maintaining this shape of our backbone. Where it should be bent outside it is bent inside and where it should be bent inside it is pushed to bend outside. It is like inviting a direct problem.

It is true that we ourselves spoil our posture by sitting in the same position for hours. To avoid this, when you have to sit in the same position for a long time or you have to go on a long drive, a pillow or a rolled towel should be placed on your backrest at half of the height of your back, so that part of your back remains in its natural position.

If you have to work on the computer, sitting continuously for six to eight hours, then it is important that your computer table, monitor, keyboard, and mouse should be in the right place and right position. Your back should be resting on the backrest of your chair and your feet be resting flat on the floor, your shoulders be straight, your neck should not be leaning forward or stretching upward.

The centre of your monitor should be in the line of your eyes, and your monitor screen should be in such a position, that it is making a 90-degree angle with your elbow. Don’t forget to take a small walk every 30-45 minutes.

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