Magnificent (Saasbahu) Sahastrabahu Temple of Gwalior

Sahastrabahu Temple of Gwalior

There are two most important Temples in Gwalior fort –(Saasbahu) Sahastrabahu Temple and Teli ka mandir. The Teli ka Mandir which was built in Dravidian Style and is remarkable for its beautiful carving in the exterior. The second temple is SAHASTRABAHU- the Sahastrabahu Mandir or also wrongly called SAS-BAHU temple:

Sahashtrabahu Temple of Gwalior – Unique temple in the heart of MADHYA PRADESH

SAS-BAHU temple or SAHASTRABAHU temple of Gwalior is one of the greatest architectural marvels situated at the east of the Gwalior fort. This temple was built in 1092 by King Mahipala. The entire temple is covered with beautiful carvings which have 4 Idols of BRAHMA, VISHNU, and SARASWATI above the entrance of the door.

Do you know the  HISTORY behind this SAS-BAHU TEMPLE:-

This temple was named Sahastra Bahu depicting Lord Vishnu with a thousand hands. Lord Vishnu was worshipped by the wife of Kachchhapaghata’s king. But then his son’s wife came she was a devotee of Lord Shiva. Thus, another temple of Lord Shiva was built near Lord Vishnu Temple where Lord Shiva was worshipped by the wife of king’s son. And then these two temple named SAS- BAHU Temple ( means mother-in-law and daughter-in-law temple). Sas-Bahu Temple is an obscure name of SahastraBahu Temple

Apart from these temples there are two more temples to visit one is Jain Mandir and another is Chaturbujh temple. There is one beautiful Gurudwara inside the fort which is also one of the major tourist attractions.

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