Tomb of Tansen in Gwalior – Memories of The Great Indian Music Meastro

The Tansen ka Muqbara or Tomb of Tansen in Gwalior is the mausoleum of the father of Hindustani classical music, Miyan Tansen.

The Great Miyan Tansen

Miyan Tansen, a musical legend was one of the Navratnas meaning the nine jewels in the court of the erstwhile Mughal emperor, Akbar. Miyan Tansen who lived in the period spanning between 1506 AD and 1589 AD has one of the luminary personality who shaped North Indian classical music.

The Architecture of Tomb of Tansen in Gwalior

The mausoleum of Miyan Tansen is designed par excellence in Mughal architectural style and is laid out in sprawling landscaped gardens, decorated by the colour and fragrance of the seasonal blooms and laced by rippling streams. An annual musical festival is also organized to commemorate Lighting in Tomb of Miyan Tansen in the memories for musical contributions of the legendary musician.

A visit to Tansen’s Tomb on a tour to Gwalior is a wonderful experience that gives a complete glimpse to tourists on cultural extravaganzas prevailing in the royal court of the powerful Mughal rulers.

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